Exhibition & Workshop & Film

Exhibition at MAKK Cologne
Postponed again! 7  – 31 October 2021

Workshop at the Industrial Design Department
University of Applied Arts Vienna
October 2019

Watch film here.

Workspace in Progress is presented from 7 – 31 October 2021, parallel to a digital program, in the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne MAKK. The project is initiated by Stefan Diez, curated by Matylda Krzykowski, planned by Lina Fischer (DIEZOFFICE) and graphically defined by the Bureau Borsche. Film production by Daniel van Hauten and art direction by Matylda Krzykowski. The overall project is supported by WAGNER-LIVING, Augsburg.

The focus of attention in Workspace in Progress (My desired title: How do you want to work?) is the relationship of the students of the Industrial Design Department at Angewandte Vienna to the topic of WORK. Their ideas address the current conditions of the work environment, such as creativity, adaptability and flexibility, and the related technological, economic, psychological and social challenges. There is hardly a better place to negotiate the present and the future than in education. The question about the spaces we need to earn our income and how we want to invest our time is recurring. And more importantly, will it be activities that we want to pursue?

The result of this negotiation is an exhibition at MAKK Cologne (6 – 30.10.2021) consisting of a depot of projects in the form of processes, furniture, lights, clothing, devices and systems. When asked how the students’ designs can come into contact with an audience who may be absent from the museum, the proposal arose to document the work processes presented in a performative manner and to share them in form of videos in digital space. It is not enough to translate something that took place in the analogue world into the digital world. Contemplating a physical experience, on the other hand, stages the possibility of experiencing the ideas in another way. These ideas are activated in the form of props on a stage through performances. The actions reveal expected and perceived challenges such as remote working, lack of movement, limitation of space, mental health issues or lack of privacy. Only through an action designed ideas are integrated into a possible worldview.

Matylda Krzykowski, Berlin, February 2021

Programmed Ornaments by Jakob Niemann (Process), 9-to-5 by Ludwig Bachmann (Process), Magic Tapestry by Laura Dominici (Furniture), Nesting by Steven Dahlinger (Furniture), Rest Before You Get Tired by Mona Abusamra (Furniture), Performing Stages by Alice Klarwein, (Furniture), Folded Sheet of Paper by Karin Markowski (Furniture), Stets by Alexander Allroggen, Tinted Ray by Jasmit Hof (Furniture), Private / Shared 2.0 by Kerstin Pfleger (Furniture), Denkraum by Anatol Stelzhammer (Furniture), Cable Grip by Anton Defant (Light), Identiform by Camilla Ruh (Apparel), Talktile by Madeleine K. Wieser (Device), Moodbooster by Armin Muhamedagic (Device), 3WaveService by Anton Defant (System), Monoki by Philipp Pranzl (System).

More images coming soon.