17th – 25th September 2016
Workshop for Potential Design
London Design Festival
London, UK


Puff Puff – Where review to ranking takes place

“We want our app to be a safe place to manage expectations, while enabling anyone to dismantle the idea of a singular reviewer”, would the founders of Puff Puff say if it would be real. Puff Puff refers to the term ‘Puff Piece’, a journalistic form of puffery that aims to flatter and is usually written from a subjective point of view and is driven by a reward.

Puff Puff reviews work. Four types of reviewers accept the payment of bitcoins in order to apply review factors, to evaluate benefits and to estimate global ranking. In ‘write a review, leave a rating’, times the question if the judgement of everything around us (via Apps like Peeple, Uber, Lulu, Yelp) is only a requested systematisation that is not able to produce an unbiased review. When it mainly aims to increase customer engagement and to build a community around a product promising rewards how genuine can it be?

The work of XYZ and ABC, two Workshop of Potential Design exhibitions, are presented in Puff Puff.

It is the first edition of a series of critical desktop entertainment by Matylda Krzykowski in cooperation with Sander Molenaar. Puff Puff is three minutes long and can be reviewed continuously.

Pete Collard
Matylda Krzykowski
Samuel Nyholm
Vicky Richardson
Oli Stratford
Soft Baroque

Following the same line of enquiry as XYZ……ABC invites 6 practitioners to review the original exhibition using various media and methods.  Each review will translate the original exhibition into 6 new versions, suggesting alternative ways of talking about the same set of objects and ideas.

17th – 25th September 2016
Fri–Sat,Mon–Wed 10am – 6pm,
Thurs 10am – 8pm,
Sun 11am – 5pm

1a Cromwell Place
(Entrance on Thurloe Place)
London, SW7 2JE
United Kingdom

With kind support from Brompton Design District