2009 – 2015
Various Locations

The concept of asking a designer 3 questions with their answers submitted as brief sketches first emerged back in 2007, when I was a student. I have been collecting them ever since. Establishing the blog MATANDME could maybe be viewed as a naive approach: a playground I am able to manipulate. I photograph objects, projects, places and exhibitions, but my main interest are people. 

For many years now, I have been asking designers, artists, architects and cultural contributors from all walks of life to (1) draw themselves (2) draw their favourite objects, and to (2) describe themselves. Once I evolved from my early student days to someone who took charge of her own professional identity, my ‘Drawn Interviews’ also shape what I do. In the future I would like for the ‘Drawn Interviews’ to be collated into a book and an exhibition.’

Image by Jeremy Liebman exhibition view Wonder Cabinets of Europe ICFF, New York, 2013
Drawn Interview no. 100 with Martino Gamper