Edition of 1 + 1 AP
February 2021

Extraperlo, an annual exhibition that takes place in the Madrid home and studio of Jorge Penadés. Inspired by the idea of “extraperlo” — which in Spanish refers to the illegal trade of goods circumventing state-mandated taxes — Penadés’s unconventional curatorial platform aims to recreate a sort of black market; the contributors, who are asked to make objects no larger than a shoebox, get to keep 100 percent of their sales (not a euro for the Spanish government).

The third iteration of Extraperlo (2021) is titled Curating Curators by Jorge Penadés and Maria Christina Didero. Indeed, “a curatorial platform for the unorthodox,” as Penadés describes the project, this edition is flipping the script by commissioning work not from artists or designers, but from well-established design curators and writers, among them Aric Chen, Matylda Krzykowski, Jonathan Olivares, and PIN–UP’s very own Felix Burrichter. (Words by Natalia Torija Nieto for PIN UP)

Your Little Matylda

Dear You, Congratulations on your purchase of a MATYLDA. Please read the instructions carefully.

MATYLDA’s open yet uncompromising attitude allows her to do pretty much anything, shifting themes and disciplines, mixing formats and methods comfortably. 

MATYLDA is both a host and a guest. She can be left alone occasionally but needs to be fully immersed by people regularly.

MATYLDA challenges the existing. She needs people who think and act the same way. If the desired effect cannot be materialised, leave her alone. 

MATYLDA twirls her hair. She needs to compensate energy.

MATYLDA’s uniform is made from Omega,
a limited edition jacquard fabric by Valentina Cameranesi. Designed as homage to Bloomsbury Group’s Omega Workshop, which believed that artists could design, produce and sell their own work. 

Last but not least, place MATYLDA close to you. Check the results of her influence from time to time and extend phases with her as necessary.