Online TV Show

AIRTIME – What is wanted?
Curated, scripted, hosted by Matylda Krzykowski
Production by Tristesse
Visual Identity by Dual Room

Airtime was available online from 20 September 2021 on Wanted Design Online and offline at Halle 3 Swiss Design Awards 2021 in Basel, Switzerland until 26th September 2021.

‘I think the qualities of stories of today are now being seen on Internet television and that people who want to see stories that have those kinds of narrative qualities are watching it online’.

Watching television as an activity has been a part of our modern culture since the early 20th century. TV sets became one of the main designed objects in the Western domestic environment. We depend on TV for entertainment, news, education, and culture. 1994 saw the very first broadcast on the Internet; TV sets were slowly replaced by personal computers. In 1995, the 24-hour news cycle which ushered in the era of cable news was invented in the US. Several studies found that television has many advantages. Familiar formats like the news can be powerful and effective educational tools if used smartly. Today, our internet enabled mobile devices give us access to information wherever and whenever we want. And with prolonged viewing, the world shown on television becomes the real world.

Airtime is a TV show produced for viewing on screen and broadcasted via the Internet. Airtime includes breaking news, general information, entertainment and future speculation about contemporary design in Switzerland. The TV show explores the urgent question WHAT IS WANTED?, together with fourteen contemporary practitioners working with or around design. Some of them were nominated for the Swiss Design Awards, some of them should have been nominated for the Swiss Design Awards.

After Work Studio (Fashion Design), Marwan Bassiouni (Photography), Paula Cermeno Leon (Industrial Design), Nadine Cocina (Interaction Design), Bamna Dadashzadeh (Research), Alena Halmes (Product Design), Martina Huynh (Social Design), Keine Agentur (Communication), Sumegha Mantri (Medical Design), Sarah Owens (Education), Ozan Polat (Digital Design), Rrreefs (Technology), Luca Schenardi (Illustration), Valentin Woeffrey (Videography).

Airtime broadcasts the world of things and the world of immaterial and invisible design ranging from technology and nature, to education, and fantasy, and anything on the spectrum in between.

Supported by Consulate General of Switzerland in NYC, Swissnex Boston and Swiss Design Awards

All images screenshots or images from the Swiss Design Award presentation at Messe Basel, June 2021