Exhibition & VR Performance

7 – 9 February 2020
Klasse Digitale Grafik
Annual Exhibition HFBK Hamburg, Germany

We are always online but have we really read the terms and conditions? Are we just idling or are we really participating? Are we just floating with the stream or are we actively steering the debate? Klasse Digitale Grafik aims to claim the virtual spaces that were occupied by templates, closed platforms and walled gardens.

Students: Natalie Andruszkiewicz, Megan Dieudonné, Kimberly Duck, Stella Friedenberger, Wiebke Grieshop, Julius Kühn, Artur Neufeld, Claudia Nielsen, Ivy May Müller, Sandy Richter, Benedikt Rottstegge, Oskar Schlüter, Jens Schnitzler, Jana Schwinkendorf, Lukas Siemoneit, Sofia Star, Yulia Wagner, Marco Wesche

Klasse Digitale Grafik is run by Knoth + Renner,
Christoph Knoth and Konrad Renner

Photos: Marco Wesche and Matylda Krzykowski
VR: Artur Neufeld, Lukas Siemoneit
#klassedigitalegrafik #hfbkhamburg