Art Direction, Photography

2011 – 2013
Various Locations

Sagel & Krzykowski is a professional collaboration between Bureau Matylda Krzykowski and still-life photographer Christoph Sagel. Since 2012 they work on self-initiated and commissioned projects that they stage and photograph together.

Website Sagel & Krzykowski Core 77 Food Award 2013
CI of Sagel & Krzykowski by Matylda Krzykowski

Developed the Premature Dishes series for the ‘Point and Line to Plate’ Dinner Matylda Krzykowski initiated at Valentin Loellman’s studio with food designer Jacopo Sarzi.
Favourite foods by Brent Dzekorious, Felix Burrichter, Tulga Beyerle, Deutsche & Japaner and Sophie Lovell were photographed for the occasion.


They Both Endure Time, look-alikes, self-initiated

Personal Content, Clemence Seilles for Craft & Scenography, Depot Basel

Personal Content, Emilie Pallard & Rachel Griffin for Craft & Scenography, Depot Basel