15 March 2013
Maastricht, The Netherlands

A memorable dinner, the first extensive event at Studio Valentin Loellmann, hosted by Matylda Krzykowski. Together with food designer Jacopo Sarzi a series of undertakings with edibles referencing the visual and perceptive research of Wassily Kandinsky become a synaesthetic dinner experience.


Noodle bum bum

First Course
Red crunchy orange

Second Course
Square, circle and triangle

Diagram 8

From the MATANDME article
‘Food in Diagrams, as an Assemblage in your Mouth’:

Where to begin? Valentin Loellmann asked me begin of the year if I would like to initiate an event at his beautiful space in Maastricht. I wasn’t up for a product or furniture related exhibition, neither was he. It had to be an evening that our guests will enjoy with all their senses and won’t forget. We both agreed it had to be a dinner!

From the Domus Online article
‘Point and Line to Plate’

A group of guests was invited to sit around a dinner table, while a culinary venture — based on the visual and perceptive research of Wassily Kandinsky — was undertaken by Sarzi and Krzykowski. Both designers attempted to contextualise Kandinsky’s experiments with the sense of taste, seeking to offer guests a synaesthetic experience. The four courses on the menu included an aperitivo titled Noodle bum bum (composed of Zubrowka, plum juice, udon noodle, and apple); a first course titled Red crunchy orange, a cold beetroot soup with carrot cubes; a second course titled Square, circle and triangle, combining risotto, polenta, and sweet potato; and finally, a dessert titled Diagram 8, combining feta, a mozzarella cone with ice cream, and caramelised onion.

The evening’s soundtrack sought to provide an unusual experience of food, and was provided by photographer Jonas Loellmann, who assembled a collage of field recordings around the food preparation, combined with frequencies and tones related to colours, specific moods and emotions.

On the walls, a series of images sought to add to the mood of the event. The Premature Dishes series, by Christoph Sagel and Matylda Krzykowski, presents simple and intriguing combinations of ingredients. These were composed after Sagel and Krzykowski inquired on the favourite food and dishes of six guests both wanted to have dinner with — graphic designers Deutsche & Japaner, curator Tulga Beyerle, journalist Sophie Lovell, graphic designer Mario Lombardo, design consultant Brent Dzekorious, and editor Felix Burrichter.

Concept: Matylda Krzykowski, Jacopo Sarzi
Client: Valentin Loellmann
Sound: Jonas Loellmann
Photographic Work: Sagel And Krzykowski, Christoph Sagel with Matylda Krzykowski
Thank you to: Maria Jeglinska, Rebekka Kiesewetter, Miryam Ziegler, Lena Berens, Julia Fischer
Work in Progress Food images: Matylda Krzykowski
Vimeo Video: Dennis Engel