4 March 2023
5/6 & 8/9 May
Performance: 9 May, 5:30 PM
Kunstuni Linz

Material Theater – What idea is circularity dedicated to?
Spatial Design, Props, Texts & Performance

It was a liminal space between life and death. Hosting the absurd reality of everything that is broken, changed, lost, unwanted but still breathing. It came to be naturally, as nothing started to gather and accumulate and evolved continuously through time and space. We, as explorers, wish to delve into this undiscovered land and treat it with respect. So that you, can enjoy its essence too.

About the format:
Material Theater wants to be a stage, a dialogue and context to deal with a topic in a playful and speculative way. At Material Theater we design a set, make props, write text and bring them to life in a plot.

About Maiworkshop:
The intention of Maiworkshop at Kunstuni Linz is to bring all the students of the Institute closer together in a student collaboration. Student groups from all fields of study propose guest supervisors each year. Maiworkshop 2023 hosted by Matylda Krzykowski.