Place for Contemporary Design

Co-founder, artistic director, graphic designer
2011 – 2018
Basel, Switzerland

Depot Basel was founded in June 2011 on the initiative of designers and curators Laura Pregger and Matylda Krzykowski, process designer Moritz Walther and economist
Elias Schäfer. In 2012 design journalist Rebekka Kiesewetter joined the organisation. Their common interest lies in a theoretical and practical approach to the subject of design and its presentation, mediation and promotion.

First image: (left to right) Rebekka Kiesewetter, Matylda Krzykowski, Laura Pregger, Elias Schäfer, Moritz Walther and contributors. Image Christian Metzler

Depot Basel endeavours to remain independent and work prospectively, to appoint and process current themes with the ability to reach an audience of interested parties, professionals and people from different fields and encourage a mutual exchange between them. Since its foundation – and with the temporary and permanent support of partners and backers, designers and non-designers – Depot Basel has evolved into a centre and agency in the contemporary design discourse.

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