Group exhibition curated by Tina Roeder
Eternithaus Berlin
28 – 31 April 2023
Gallery Weekend Berlin

Works by Matylda Krzykowski:

Index Finger, 2022
The hand is the body part most frequently used as a symbol. It is the main human tool with an ability to transfer invisible energy into form. Matylda Krzykowski designed a hand that is active and frivolous, its long fingers can be interpreted as extending into established ideas, crushing them, and reforming them into something new. The index finger latches on to unformed leaky ideas, flirting with unresolved beliefs and notions.

Desktop Exhibition, since 2017
Our digital devices have come to feel like spaces, full of rooms (folders) leading into other rooms (subfolders), some of which we choose to show, and some of which we choose to hide. There’s so much room on the desktop to provide an idea of a place, where ideas are scrapped, mislaid, and drawn raw in form. Desktop Exhibition is a public presentation on a desktop developed by Matylda Krzykowski, in which she opens her digital interior and performs an infinite display.

“As part of Gallery Weekend Berlin, the exhibition Conceptual Substance will take place at Eternithaus from April 28 to 30. Curated by Berlin-based designer Tina Roeder, the show is cross-disciplinary in concept and redefines rigid typologies. The exhibited objects are placed in a contemporary social context and at the same time refer to the history of architecture and design.

A total of sixteen international artists*, architects*, designers* and studios are participating in the exhibition, including Matylda Krzykowski, Bless, Gonzalez Haase AAS, Audrey Large, Formafantasma and Tina Roeder herself. What unites them all is the urge to question existing structures and systems and to find clarity in the blurring of boundaries. Their exhibition contributions therefore offer opportunities for both physical and intellectual engagement and move in different registers – from practical to mystical, from playful to serious.

The exhibition was deliberately placed in the design and architectural context of the Eternithaus in the Hansaviertel. Built in 1957 by Paul Baumgarten on the occasion of the Interbau, the building is part of an overall complex that stands like no other for the new urban development start after the Second World War and new forms of urban living. This strictly modernist framework exposes the works quasi within a historical vision and thus sharpens the artistic dialogue with the present.” Source: Baunetz