2016 – 2017
Chamber Gallery, New York, USA

By referencing the 1956 artwork by Richard Hamilton, “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?”, all four exhibitions at Chamber gallery in New York explore groups of objects that are possibly as desirable now as the items featured prominently in Hamilton’s work were half a century ago, at the dawn of the modern consumer age.

“The request to make a choice of one hundred items for a gallery show is like collecting one hundred potential fragments for a collage.” – Matylda Krzykowski

Hamilton pasted images onto a page, and Krzykowski places objects in a space, creating a collage of contemporary works in real life. Many of the works on view center around colliding ideas of functional object and sculpture. Domestic sculptures, surrealist lights, abstract shapes, foldable structures, informative paintings, architectural templates, aesthetic games and beyond.

– Show I, Just What Is It, 28 Oct to 3 Dec 2016
Work by Trix and Robert Hausmann, Pieterjan Ginckels, Niek Hendrix, Design Displacement Group, Mischer-Traxler, Tina Roeder, Louie Rigano & Gil Muller, Mirka Laura Severa, Studio Swine, Oskar Zieta, Florian Ziller & Fatemeh Naderi, Jiri Pelcl, Martino Gamper, Deborah Bowman, Cyril Porchet, Os & Oss, Silo Studio, Nick van Woert, Robert Stadler
– Show II, This Is Today, 16 Dec to 18 February 2017
Work by Maiko Gubler, Jiri Pelcl, Martino Gamper, Jochen Holz, Stephanie Baechler, Tymek Borowski, Dimitri Bähler, Jonah Takagi, Soft Baroque, Jakub Berdych, Martin Chmarosta, Jörg Boner, Victoria Willmotte, PlueerSmitt, New Tendency, Lucas Maassen & Sons, Nick van Woert
– Show III, Domestic Appeal, 3 March to 22 April 2017
Work by Raw Color, Carle Emil Jacobsen, Bertille Laguet, Soft Baroque, James Shaw, Edgar Mosa, Andy and Dave, Florian Milker, Ferréol Babin, Tom Hancocks, Dimitri Bähler, Jochen Holz, Chen Chen & Kai Williams
– Show IV, Room With Its Own Rules, 4 May to 22 July 2017
Work by Ana Kraš, Ania Jaworska, Åsa Jungnelius, Buro Belén, Claudia Caviezel, Gun Gordillo, Hilda Hellström, Johanna Grawunder, Katie Stout, Kiki van Eijk, Lindsey Adelman, Liz Collins, Marlène Huissoud, Mimi Jung, Mira Nakashima, Pieke Bergmans, Sabine Marcelis, Sarah Zapata, Sigrid von Lintig, Studio Berg, and Zohra Opoku

For each of the four exhibitions Matylda Krzykowski commissioned a visual artist to produce a collage: Sasa Stucin, Wang & Söderström, Koos Breen and Builders Club.

“Room With Its Own Rules” is an example of what is clearly not yet happening. It presents a parallel, post-patriarchal reality in which an all-female show is a normal phenomenon, rather than a specially planned “affirmative action.” – Matylda Krzykowski

1) Frederike Berg, Ana Kraš and Gun Gordillo in Show IV, Room With Its Own Rules, image by David Brandon Geeting
2) Sabine Marchelis and Johanan Grawunder in Show IV, Room With Its Own Rules, image by David Brandon Geeting
3) Collage by Saša Štucin for Show IV, Room With Its Own Rules
4) Tom Hancocks, Edgar Mosa and Andy & Dave in Show III, Domestic Appeal
5) Bertille Laguet, Jochen Holz and Raw Color in Show III, Domestic Appeal
6) Collage by Wang & Söderstrom for Show III, Domestic Appeal
7) Jörg Boner, Florian Ziller & Fatemeh Naderi, Soft Baroque, Tymek Borowski, Victoria Willmotte, Maiko Gubler for Show II, This Is Today, image by Fran Parente
8) Martin Chramosta and Stéphanie Baechler for Show II, This Is Today, image by Fran Parente
9) Portrait for Yabu Pushelberg’s book ‘Drive’ by Dan McMahon, March 2017
10) Collage by Koos Breen for Show II, This Is Today
11) Exhibition View, Show I, This Is Today, image by Lauren Coleman
12) Mirka Laura Severa for Show I, This Is Today, image by Lauren Coleman