Social infrastructure, exhibition & discourse space

Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW
Freilager-Platz 1
CH-4142 Basel / Münchenstein
Tram-Stop: Freilager-Platz

Matylda Krzykowski, Artistic Lead
Anita Muçolli, Project Lead
Hannah Maywald, CIVIC Host

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9 am – 5 pm for the public
For HGK members open 24/7

E-Flux Introducing CIVIC by Matylda Krzykowski
E-Flux The so-called Utopia of CIVIC by Matylda Krzykowski

CIVIC is a social infrastructure. CIVIC is a new physical and digital discourse and exhibition space, a former 400 m2 groundfloor foyer, at HGK Basel. For and with students, researchers, employees and the public.

CIVIC is an educational and experimental environment that provides opportunities for participation, contribution and exchange for and with with students, researchers, employees and the public to promote an understanding of the relevance of art and design to society. Started in January 2022 with Matylda Krzykowski as Artistic lead, Project Lead by Jenni Schmitt, graphic lead by Offshore and initiated by Claudia Perren. Arts & Education announcement.

This question emerged when everything started in January 2022: The former foyer, a transit location in the high-rise building of the Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW (HGK Basel) should become CIVIC. A quiz kicked off CIVIC. People from and around the HGK Basel gathered to answer ten questions regarding this new place: What should take place in CIVIC in the future? What kind of infrastructure does CIVIC need? How should CIVIC work? In short: What is CIVIC and what could it become?

The quiz highlighted the importance of diverse contributions in creating dynamic places such as CIVIC: Through open participation, free encounters, and joint projects. Through different infrastructure, with ideas of the people around HGK Basel, as well as exhibitions, interventions, happenings, shows, hangouts, aperitifs, parties, etc. A space to meet, learn from each other, exhibit, and connect. In such a space, people can act independently, organize, participate, and exchange ideas. The quiz also led to the motto: CIVIC IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT!

Among others, these emerged at CIVIC: one neon sign by Selma Ermatinger; one mobile bar by Dalibor Bajunovic, Helen Grüninger, David Luong and Rahel Mor; seven tables, four benches, nine stools and one scaffolding system by Samira Stolpe and Odin Steinhauser; three CIVIC Radio episodes with Radio X ; one DAY DANCE together with HEK (House of Electronic Arts) ; one scenography for Architecture Week Basel ; two exhibitions of International Workshop Week ; one happening during Art Basel: GROWING MAGIC MOMENTS; one accumulative documentation titled HARVEST; one exhibition named MEMORY SPACE ; one essay by Lilo Viehweg on CIVIC FURNITURE; one POSTERSLAM by Visual Communication and Digital Spaces students; one food gathering titled BITES & BANDAGES by FoodCultureLab; one photo-exhibition by Yevheniia Semenova, Arina Sirochenko and Alisa Probylova: ART UKRAINE; one CIVIC Market by Anita Muccoli, Jodok Wehrli and Katharina Kemmerling; one Live-Act by Doing Fashion: THE GRADUATES OF 23; three banners for WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM by various, Jasmine Jetzer and many more; one drawing programme by Désirée Sebele and Leandra Fischer; one EXCHANGE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING WE HAVE! by Marina Klein-Hietpas and Lea Bongni ; two community introductions titled CIVIC PEOPLE; one drawing programme; one MUSEUM NIGHT; one quiz; two stickers by Luana and Max Umeh; two open house events; one open source design kit by Offshore; four flyers by Elena Palumbo ; 12 KLUTZ urban furniture modules by Charly Blödel; three PUSHY KIOSK evenings; six stairs and one doormat by Raffaela Boss; three infrastructures: one tiny exhibition house by Anita Mucolli, one Messy Kiosk by Constructlab, and one freeshop by HGK student assembly.
#whatiscivic #CIVICiswhatyoumakeofit

Images by Pati Grabowicz