Exhibition & Workshop

Exhibition at MAKK Cologne
Postponed again! 7  – 31 October 2021

Workshop at the Industrial Design Department
University of Applied Arts Vienna
October 2019

Workspace in Progress will be presented from 7 – 31 October 2021, parallel to a digital program, in the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne MAKK. The project is initiated by Stefan Diez, curated by Matylda Krzykowski, planned by Lina Fischer (DIEZOFFICE) and graphically defined by the Bureau Borsche. Video production in collaboration with Daniel van Hauten. The overall project is supported by WAGNER-LIVING, Augsburg.

Matylda Krzykowski (Berlin) kicked off the project in October 2019 with 3-day workshop on personal, speculative workspaces. The students received generous and valuable support from the project partner, in particular in the implementation of the projects and the exhibition. The students were mentored by the ID1 team at University of Applied Arts Vienna for two semesters accompanied by Gonzalezhaase (Berlin), Mirko Borsche (Munich), Harald Gründl (EOOS-Vienna), Matylda Krzykowski (Berlin), Gustav Lindholm (HAY-Copenhagen), Dominik Hammer, Arthur Desmet and Lina Fischer (Munich).

Images from the workshop results. More images coming soon.