15 – 23.4.2023
Co-curated by Jorge Penadés and Matylda Krzykowski
For Extraperlo Madrid at Dropcity Milan
Spatial Design by Jorge Penadés and Matylda Krzykowski
Photography by Delfino Sisto
Graphic Design by Raquel Quevedo
Project assistantance by Gema Barranco, Vincent Orts

When Jorge started his experimental platform in 2019 he was inspired by the activities of Depot Basel, a temporary place for contemporary design I was involved with as artistic director until 2018. What both initiatives had in common was working with limitations: spatial and economic. Hence the question we raised were: How can we reduce our installation footprint in group shows? (Especially if they only last for one week) #noshipping And how can we present 40 ideas of 4 years in 1 group show? #shoebox

THE FINAL (GROUP) SHOW – 5 Years of Extraperlo

Exhibitions are assembled based on the interwoven dialogues between initiator and curator. They piece together these ideas and arrange them into digital and physical spaces. They develop a theme and a visual, conceptual and spatial depiction of the idea. But there’s a catch: there are always two key limitations –– spatial and economic.

Every year since 2019, the curatorial initiative Extraperlo –– initiated by designer Jorge Penadés –– invites a group of people, usually friends of friends of friends, to send *something* for the exhibition. The medium setting the limitation for all shows is the ubiquitous shoebox –– the most commonly used item for shipping. Standard size: 33×19 cm. What can fit inside a shoebox? The requested *something* can be anything — an experiment, a work-in-progress or a fully-finished piece, as long as it sits at the €1 – €500 price point. Don’t be mistaken, the initiative is not motivated by money, instead it is motivated by: subverting ideas through bringing together a selection of people, exploring the life that lies in the shadow economy and representing a group, and its secrets, which eventually constitutes a network of thought.

In 2023, for its 5th and final edition, Extraperlo will show 40 shoeboxes –– one for each of its previous participants. Together, they help visualize, map, but also reshuffle, the connections between the members of this group. The shoeboxes are assembled in a giant walk-in shoebox for visitors to enter. The shoebox is a space of mystery, a clandestine spot where we hide our deepest secrets, unfulfilled projects and our finest discoveries. Extraperlo stands for the *something* inside — a limited room for magic.


Ana Domínguez Siemens, Annalisa Rosso, Anne Laure Pingueron, Aric Chen, Attua Aparicio, Brent Dzekciorious, Charlotte Talbot, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Cristian Zuzunaga, Daniel Charny, Felix Burrichter, Fernando Laposse, Francesco Meda, Fredrik Paulsen, Gemma Holt, Guillermo Santoma, Ilona Gaynor, Jamie Shaw, Jana Scholze, Jane Whiters, Jonathan Malubier, Jonathan Olivares, Joschua Brunn, Juan Mosqueda, Julen Ussia, Julia Mariscal, Kwangho Lee, Lex Pott, Libby Sellers, Luisa Kahlfeldt, Maria Cristina Didero, Marlenne Houisoud, Matylda Krzykowski, Nacho Alegre, Nitsan Debbi, Odd Matter, Okolo, Robert Stadler, Tomas Alonso, Tulga Beyerle