Discursive Format

23 – 25 February 2024
At STAGE Bregenz, contemporary fair for Art & Design
Program for Friday 23 March, 24 March and 25 March.

STAGE Treff is a program of informal conversations on sustaining practices, relationships and the environment at STAGE Bregenz by Matylda Krzykowski

There’s a story that I love that taught me all I know about the arts. It’s actually a story about people. And that is what I both fully enjoy, and what is also the source of many questions I have on my mind:

Why do we need to be more courageous? Why do we need both freedom and constraints? What is my relationship to art and design? Why is the appeal of art, design and architecture so important? How can we integrate art, design and architecture into society? How can we blur the borders of our disciplines? Why does innovation lie precisely within the aesthetic of our culture? How can the potential of a region be leveraged globally? What are the different models of being an artist, a designer or an architect? How to introduce the local potential globally? What is the role of art and design and its emancipatory and progressive potential? What requirements does a practice need? How do we contribute to it as institutions and as audience? What is the artist’s responsiveness to sustainability? What does a sustainable fair mean? Is it worth striving for?

So there’s a room full of people, and they should all tell their stories, to become part of the story. It is a systematic investigation of a matter of public interest. People who hadn’t related to these questions and met these approaches before might find a way of relating to them.

It is a story where we just have to “Get on stage, get set, go!” (German: Auf die Bühne, fertig, los!) It might all turn into a theater, but we have to open the stage for encounters to produce conversations. Once you are with other people, you need to listen to others, to empathize, and to adapt your own perspective. That`s a way to sustain art, design and architecture. The story that I love is a continuous dialogue.

Images 1 -4 by Büro Magma
Images 5 – 7 by Neslihan Kiran
Visual “Human Intelligence” by Christoph Benedikt, Platform Digitale Initiativen Dornbirn