Desktop Exhibition

Parliament of Questions
Online Exhibition
Students of MA Design HKB Bern, Switzerland
Duration 12:24 min
Online since 29 May 2021

Welcome to Parliament of Questions — seven MA Design students are forming the body of this government. Here Design is negotiable, ongoing and most importantly questioning and redefining existing systems. Here we come together to pronounce the research-related and entrepreneurial questions, and to share the work in progress of breaking existing stereotypes. We wonder how design can depart from a question and what design can do?
 This Desktop Exhibition is an online exhibition of ongoing projects at HKB Bern based on a workshop with Matylda Krzykowski.

Adrian Demleitner – How can we implement privacy and intimacy with voice assistants

Anouk Bonsma – How can designers deal with copying in the digital work process?

Burim Selimi – What role can visual brand language play in the mechanical engineering industry?

Isamal Zorrilla – How can salutogenic design theory improve health at homes?

Kathrin Scheller – How can the way we design maps of our environment influence our idea of nature?

Yan Yu
 – How can we make people respond in daily behaviour to the impact of CO2 emissions?

Nicolas Baertschi – How can student projects start a venture and be more successful?

Curated by Matylda Krzykowski

Desktop Exhibition is a public presentation on the desktop. It is a format developed by Matylda Krzykowski. Clicking through the files on the desktop, in a manner akin to walking through a physical space and guiding visitors through an exhibition.

Scenography by Anouk Bonsma
Dramaturgy by Adrian Demleitner

Graphic Design by Kathrin Scheller, Anouk Bonsma
Instagram Management by Yan Yu

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