Anonymous Project Competition

CIVIC Billboard
20×6 m message to the public
Since 2023
Find it on Google Maps #TouristAttraction

Initiated by Matylda Krzykowski and Jenni Schmitt in context of CIVIC, social infrastructure and education and experimental environment for participation, contribution and exchange for and with students, researchers, employees and the public at Basel Academy of Art and Design.

The CIVIC Billboard is an artistic, visual and site-specific display, a message to the public, an intervention, a call to get to know each other better and connect to the outside world. The competition was developed in the spirit of CIVIC IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT.

Annually the open call for the anonymous competition invites students, alumnae:i, and employees of the Basel Academy of Art and Design to design a motif for the pavilion’s exterior façade. The jury is comprised of students, external experts, and staff members.

2024’s question: HOW TO FOOL THE FUTURE?
Check the Open Call here.
2023’s question: HOW DO WE WANT TO BE IN TOUCH?
Check the Open Call here. Check all submissions here.
Interview with winner Linus Weber about “PUTTING OUR HEADS TOGETHER”

Questions raised by CIVIC Artistic Lead Matylda Krzykowski in the jury: Is it an image or a graphic? Is it a text? What is the underlying layer or message? Is it possible for me or the viewer to access this layer? Are the students feeling represented? Does the image resonate and endure? Would this be an artwork that one would want to see every day? All things are stronger when they are big! What should its strength be?

JURY CIVIC Billboard 2024
Fiona Handermann
(Student Industrial Design)
Anja Rothenbühler
(Student Visual Communication and Digital Spaces)
Arbesa Musa
(Student Fine Arts)
Izzy Gemici
(Student Arts and Design Education)
Zhixian Zhang
(Student Masterstudio Design)
Kurt Zihlmann
(Teaching Department HGK)
Jenni Schmitt
(former Project Lead CIVIC)
Anneke Abhelakh
(Artistic Laed Architecture Week Basel)
Jeronim Horvat
(Artist, Alumni)

JURY CIVIC Billboard 2023
Noemie Hefty
(Student, Arts and Design Education)
Feyza Hilal Karabulut
(Alumna, Fashion Design)
Judy Kessba
(Student, Visual Communication and Digital Spaces)
Julia Eigenheer
(Student, Process Design at HyperWerk)
Reto Monigatti
(Student, Industrial Design)
Anyali Oviedo-Castillo
(Student, Fine Arts)
Thomas Froehlich
(Staff Facility Management)
Ines Goldbach
(Director Kunsthaus Baselland)

– Mock-Up by Matylda Krzykowski with 2024 question CIVIC Billboard
– Mock-Up by Matylda Krzykowski with 2023 question CIVIC Billboard
– Jury 2024, in front of CIVIC Billboard 2023, 22 May 2024
– Jury Day 2024, 22 May 2024
– Jury Day 2023, 11 July 2023
– Winner 2023:”PUTTING OUR HEADS TOGETHER” by Linus Weber